Saturday, April 23, 2011

Remembering His Death

We started a new tradition this year thanks to an idea I got from my friend, Darcie. Yesterday the boys and I walked down to the channel to gather sticks and rocks.

What boy can resist walking through the water to get to the island with more rocks?

The boys filled that bucket about half full! And then we had to figure out a way to haul it back up the levy.

Kinda steep. But we all worked together and managed to get it to the wagon. We made a mental note to bring rope next time. It would have made the job so much easier.

We took a break to attend the Good Friday service at church.

When we arrived home we got to work building a tomb. We made a stop at Walmart and picked up a cheap Ken doll to be our Jesus. Notice his feet sticking out there?

LV made nail prints on the hands and feet and we wrapped him up for burial.

LV set to work making a cross.

So we have this in front of our house to remind us of what we are celebrating this weekend.

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