Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holy Land - Day 3

Looking across the Sea of Galilee to Tiberias at sunset on our second day in Israel.

Day 3
 On the shores of the Sea of Galilee
this shot isn't too bad for been taken through the bus window

Jesus may have sat upon this shore eating with His disciples. 

 I don't know about the entire shore line of the Sea of Galilee, but every place we went there was not much sand.  However, there were millions of little bitty sea shells.  D picked up a handful and it made the shape of a heart.

Mt. of Beatitudes

D following along with Pastor Sam and Pastor Tonye.  Unfortunately, this awesome jacket got left in his hotel room at the Dead Sea.

Chapel built on the Mt. of Beatitudes with the support of Mussolini.



2000 year old representation of the Ark of the Covenant 

Turkish Baths in Tiberias
warm water
This isn't the greatest quality picture because I took it through the bus window, but I still like it.  It shows the culture.

The Jesus Boat
2000 year old boat found in the Sea of Galilee much like one Jesus would have used.

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