Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Use For Rice Fields

A few weeks ago we went out to the rice fields for some fun target practice. Not only do the boys enjoy shooting, but the mud, critters, and rocks provide hours of entertainment as well.

LM with his favorite .22

The firing line.


D didn't really want to shoot, so he made designs out of the ammunition.

But we did have him shoot his new Christmas present.

This one is LV's favorite.

And this smile that tells you just how much fun we had.

The boys also played in a huge mud pile before we left. It started with LM climbing up and getting his boots stuck. Then his brothers had to come to his rescue. All 3 of them had to pull their feet out of their shoes, then pull their shoes out of the mud! They all ended up calf deep in the mud with their socks on. They did manage to get out, but we all had a good laugh. And H and I wondered why we never bring extra clothes and plastics bags. Maybe one of these days we will learn.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog looking for pics of your swap gifts. I saw this post and had to laugh. My husband just recently took our oldest out to a fireing range with friends. he is 7. Well he and our friends youngest boy wandered off to a stream and my son got stuck in the mud. his tennies got stuck and Daddy had to come pull him out and then fish his shoes outta the mud. LOL his WHITE shoes turned black and his socks never even made it to the washer. he threw them away. LOL he didn't want mom to see them! LOL I will have to remember to send extra clothes next time and RAIN boots! Plastic bags are a good idea also!