Thursday, February 24, 2011


See this face?

This is the face of a son for whom I am constantly on my knees before the Lord in prayer. He's my "strong-willed child."

Which makes times like this so much more special to me.

He wrote this on our mirror the other day as a surprise.

God is going to do great things with this son of mine.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Great Artist

On a recent drive to Reno, we had the privilege of seeing this sunset.

It looked like the mountain was on fire.

Thank You, Father, for sharing this with us.

Another Use For Rice Fields

A few weeks ago we went out to the rice fields for some fun target practice. Not only do the boys enjoy shooting, but the mud, critters, and rocks provide hours of entertainment as well.

LM with his favorite .22

The firing line.


D didn't really want to shoot, so he made designs out of the ammunition.

But we did have him shoot his new Christmas present.

This one is LV's favorite.

And this smile that tells you just how much fun we had.

The boys also played in a huge mud pile before we left. It started with LM climbing up and getting his boots stuck. Then his brothers had to come to his rescue. All 3 of them had to pull their feet out of their shoes, then pull their shoes out of the mud! They all ended up calf deep in the mud with their socks on. They did manage to get out, but we all had a good laugh. And H and I wondered why we never bring extra clothes and plastics bags. Maybe one of these days we will learn.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

On February 4th we went on a field trip with Creation Works to the Woodland Museum of Archaeology. I had no clue we had such a museum close to us! It was fascinating! Pat Roy, from Creation Works did a presentation about dinosaurs and the Bible with half the group while Pastor Morgan did a guided tour of the museum with the other half. Then we traded. Pastor Morgan is also and archaeologist and travels to the Middle East once a year to dig. He told us that they are pretty sure they have found the remains of the city of Sodom. The location is just right, and the archaeological evidence is there! How exciting! In fact, he has a roofing tile from the dig site that the kids got to smell, and it smells like sulfur (the fire and brimstone that God used to destroy Sodom).
Pastor Morgan showing the kids a sling stone from the time of David.

D holding the sling stone.

Pastor Morgan holding an ancient oil lamp.

Egyptian mummy mask.

Cananite dagger blades.

Cuneiform tablets.

A model of King Herod's temple.
The whole crew!
(and because I wasn't in the last photo...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

HSBA swap

I had the pleasure of participating in a swap over at HSBA post recently. It was a first for me and I highly recommend it! It was so fun to meet another homeschool mom (of boys) and get a box of goodies in the mail. And my boys even enjoyed getting in on the action and helping to select items for her boys! My swap buddy was Chris from Mothers of Boys, and she did a great job getting this package together.The treasure: Nerds, Skittles, and Hot Tamales (which came just in time to enjoy during the
Super Bowl)
Punch Balloons
A cute "Family" frame
red chipboard letters
2 magazines
folders with a fun design

A big shout out to Chris. Thank you!!!

This was so much fun! Meeting another homeschool mom, a package of surprises, putting a goodie box together for someone else... Loved it.

Wanna give it a try? Head on over to HSBA post to to find out more details.