Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Land - Day 6

Day 6
Saying good-bye to our kibutz.
An arena where Christians were fed to the lions.

Columns in the theater.

Roman latrine
 LV is sitting on the hopper in an ancient Roman latrine.  There would have been water flowing beneath the marble slabs to carry the waste away.  If you were a wealthy person in those days, your slave would go warm your marble slabs for you.  Aren't you glad you know now?
Shhhh... Don't tell LV I put this picture on my blog.

Looking down on the Roman ruins from a mound under which is the remains of the ancient city of Beit Shean.

walking down the main city street

Gideon Springs
There was this funky tree, and nobody had a clue what it was.  

The flowers on it were very pretty. 

But the "bark" was like giant thorns! 

The spring where Gideon led his men to drink and the Lord told him who would fight. 

Arrived at the Dead Sea
Looking down from the 14th floor of our hotel.
Coming soon... Day 7!

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