Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Land - Day 7

The Dead Sea
Our hotel
Unfortunately, after we got home, all of our Dead Sea photos and videos were accidentally deleted.  Except for this one that LV took of his feet in the Dead Sea.  I will say, it was an amazing experience floating in that water.  So much fun!

We had the choice of a hike or a visit to Masada.  It was recommended that anyone who was afraid of heights or couldn't do a strenuous hike, head to Masada.  LV and D opted to hike En Gedi with H.

Hike to En Gedi 
Looking out over the Dead Sea.   It is prophesied in Ezekiel 47 that fisherman will be casting their nets into the Dead Sea from En Gedi, and it will be full of life.

D and LV

Maybe it was a cave like this that David hid in from King Saul
LM asked to go to Masada, so I went with him

LM looking out over a wall of Masada
After our visit to Masada, our group had a teaching at the En Gedi trail head.
En Gedi trail head.
After we picked up the En Gedi hikers, we were off to a wilderness experience.  On our way we passed by numerous Bedouin communities alongside the highway.

At the wilderness experience we got to ride camels!
LV is in front on the front camel, D and H are there in the middle.  LM was riding with me.

When we arrived at Abraham's tent, he came out to greet us with water to wash our hands.

After all of the guests arrived (via camel), we enjoyed a large, tasty dinner.

Then we were off to our hotel in Jerusalem.

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